Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Introducing Ed - Software Engineer at IBM

Hey, I'm Ed; I joined IBM in September 2008 straight after graduating from Bath Uni. I studied Maths, and it wasn't until my third year placement (in accounting) when I decided that I wanted to work in software (*not* accounting).

Since I joined I've worked on a product called SVC (a wikipedia search for 'IBM SVC' will get you a quick explanation of what it does) - firstly in test and now in L3 support. L3 is the team that deals with the particularly high importance or high complexity issues that our customers encounter in the field (L1 and L2 make up the rest of our support structure), so its a lot more techie that you might expect a support role to be.

For me though, the coolest thing about working at Hursley is the opportunity for 'extra curricular activities' - I get to make educational software for local schools, teach IT lessons to 7 year olds, plan the induction for this year's new starters, and even make video games with a bunch of fellow grads. Our latest project involves wizards with guns: how can that not be cool?

I'm hoping through this blog to explain what it's like to have a day job at the labs, and also how it can open up these other sorts of opportunities for you :)


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