Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Introducing Clare - Software Developer at IBM

Hi all,

Okay, so I'm Clare Owens*. I've actually been at Hursley since September 2006, and that time has gone very quickly indeed! I'm actually a full-time student, which often confuses people. Here's the explanation; I'm doing a degree called an EngD (Engineering Doctorate), which is basically an industrial PhD. The ideas is the student spends some of their time at the sponsor company (in my case, IBM!) and some of their time in academia: I'm a computer scientist, and when not at IBM I'm at the University of Southampton. EngD's are designed to bridge academia and industry, and generate research grounded in the 'real world'.

I'm now in my fourth and final year, due to finish at the end of December! So I'm currently in the process of analysing a bunch of data from some experiments I ran last month, and planning a few more studies. Much of the second half of this year will be spent on my thesis.

So, I'm not really a 'standard' IBMer (but it there any such thing?) Certainly, I'm not involved in developing a particular IBM product - my research is into innovative methods for system design, often (but not always!) in the domain of pervasive technologies.

I'm involved in some very cool stuff here at Hursley - for example, I'm running a project as part of an awesome scheme for new grads, and on the side I'm involved in patent work, mentoring and other bits and bobs. I hope to write about these things soon!

Meanwhile, if you have particular questions or want to hear about something specific, please just leave a comment here. You can also find me on Twitter -

That's all for now - catch you round...

*But I'm also known as Clare Hooper, for added confusion :) I keep my maiden name in academia, for consistency across publications.


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